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tailor-made, intelligent automation solutions

Application examples proven in practice

AROTEC has developed automation solutions for a wide variety of applications and for companies in the most diverse industries:

They prove themselves in practice.

In the following you will find some examples of our applications.

  • Carton/Box Palletizing
  • Tire Palletizing
  • Crucible Handling
  • Crankshaft Handling
  • Guide-to-robot Application
  • Cup Handling
  • Plasma Cutting
  • Metal Processing

Do you have any questions about our automation solutions? We are happy to answer them.

Carton/Box Palletizing

AROTEC automation solution accelerates the final packaging process

In many companies smaller shipping units have to be assembled as mixed pallets with various cardboard boxes. AROTEC automated this task with the help of its own palletizing software PALGO mix. This software guarantees optimum loading of the pallets - and ensures a maximum degree of space utilization.

Tire Palletizing

AROTEC automates the tire palletizing operation

Even today, tires are still largely palletised manually. The reason: Optimum loading of the pallets is difficult due to the complex design of the pallet patterns. With PALGO@Tire, AROTEC developed software that solves the problem. The program is used in numerous plants around the world.

Crucible Handling

AROTEC automates crucible handling at a chemical company

In the chemical industry, many tasks are still done by hand. Staff often work in a dirty, hazardous environment. AROTEC has also set new standards in this field. For a paint manufacturer, the company developed robot cells for the automatic handling - i.e. depalletizing and palletizing - of crucibles. The system has proven itself in practice, with excellent results.

Crankshaft Handling

Automation solution for forges and foundries demonstrates its class

In the forging industry, workpieces are often stored partially or disordered in load carriers until further processing. Anyone who wants to automate the handling of parts (e.g. crankshafts) faces a complex task. It must be ensured that the position and orientation of the workpieces in the carriers are recognized, that the parts are gripped and fed to the processing machine.

Guide to robot Application

AROTEC develops a guideline for the conception of robot applications for packaging tasks

In order to be more flexible in packaging tasks, companies are increasingly using robots. In cooperation with a consumer goods manufacturer, AROTEC has developed a guideline for this purpose. It explains how robot solutions can be designed based on requirements in terms of product properties and performance.

Cup Handling

AROTEC's robotic solution significantly increases cup production

For a cup manufacturer, AROTEC automated the cup production operation. Robots take the cups from the thermoforming machines and pack the so-called white cups in cartons. Before printing, they unpack the cups again and pack them after this process.

Plasma Cutting

Offline programming system VMP enables the economic order production of storage containers

For a tank manufacturer, AROTEC automated the cutting and marking of storage containers with plasma cutting technology. The special thing about the solution: The first use of the Visual Motion Planner (VMP), which makes contract manufacturing economical in the first place!

Metal Processing

Robotic sawing line RoboSaw

In the metalworking industry today, most manufacturing/production processes are carried out by machines or automated systems. If you take a closer look at the manufacturing/production processes from the point of view of an automation expert, you will see that in almost all cases they are hybrid systems consisting of a human-machine collaboration or only partial automation.

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