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Robot Software

efficient programs to increase efficiency
Robot Software

Robot-specific Software for the Time- and Cost-Saving Automation

We automate processes for You that previously had to be done manually. This saves You time and money.

And You organize processes much more economically. To automate the robotic systems, we use our future-oriented, individually configurable robot software packages, which are tailored to a wide variety of applications. With some of these products You are using groundbreaking new technology.

Because You use robotic automation software, which is simply unique on the market so far.

Unmixed Palletizing Software PALGO mono:

Highest cost efficiency and reliability for unmixed palletizing

If your company needs to palletize packages of the same size and weight, PALGO mono is the perfect solution.

The special program with which we automate your shipping area calculates the optimum palletizing patterns offline – i.e. before handling the packages.

Mixed Palletizing Software PALGO Mix:

Save time and resources in mixed palletizing

Even today, packaged goods of different sizes and weights are almost exclusively arranged manually on load carriers by logistics personnel.

This is time-consuming and physically very strenuous.

3D Object Recognition Software ART-3D

The innovative solution for precise part recognition and path planning

Automating complex handling tasks requires robotic applications with high-performance sensors (3D vision sensors).

The market offers a wide range of corresponding components for robot mechanics, industrial image processing (machine vision) and feeding technology.

Open Planning and Processing Software VMP:

Time- and cost-saving robot programming based on CAD models and paths

The "Visual Motion Planner" (VMP) software package enables you to generate robot programs for path-controlled applications automatically and offline.

It is ideal for processes in which the robot path changes from time to time. For example, for sewing, gluing or path welding (e.g. in small series production).

PALGO@TIRE Tire Palletizing Software:

The world's only solution for robotic tire palletizing

The loading or palletizing of tires is still done by people. This work is extremely strenuous and can lead to permanent physical damage.

An innovative solution from AROTEC puts an end to this problem.

Tire Depalletizing Software DEPALGO@TIRE:

The first solution for robotic tire depalletization

After causing a sensation with the world's first tire palletizing application, the industry showed great interest in a tire depalletizing solution.

Tire Measuring Software MEASURE@TIRE:

CAD models of tires at the touch of a button

The tire measuring station that we set up for you helps you to generate tire geometry data.

With the tire measurement software MEASURE@TIRE, 3D models of tires can be generated.

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