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ART-3D object recognition software:
The innovative solution for precise part recognition and path planning

Automating complex handling tasks requires robotic solutions featuring high-performance sensors (Vision). The market offers a wealth of appropriate components for robot mechanics, industrial image processing (IIP) and feed technology.

Yet, hardly any of the existing solutions factor in the aspects of both robotics and IIP. With ART-3D, AROTEC is closing this gap. Based on the sensor data, the object recognition software determines:

  • the exact positions of objects
  • the optimal robot path for removing an object from the receptacle.
All object recognition algorithms of the software use 3D sensor data. The advantage compared to 2D object recognition systems: as a result of the additional information of the third plane
  • the object, foreign objects, and superpositions are detected with much greater precision. All available spatial information is utilized.

The software prevents collisions

ART-3D assures that collisions are avoided during removal of the components. This is possible because the path planning model of the software takes obstructive contours such as the gripper or carriers into consideration.

The program, which is easy to operate, can run on computers using the Microsoft Windows Operating System. Standardized interfaces provide you with an additional benefit: the active image sensors, the cell PLC, and the host/control console can communicate with each other without restrictions.

If you would like to learn more about the ART-3D object recognition software, just send us your inquiry.

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