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Palgo@Measure tire measuring software:
Tire CAD models at the push of a button

The tire measuring station we install for you will help you to automatically determine the geometrical data of tires. With the Palgo@Measure tire measuring software, you can therefore generate 3D models of tires.

These models can be used with our Palgo@Tire software in order to generate layer patterns and robot path data for automated palletizing/depalletizing.

In practice, the measurement is carried out as follow:

Step 1: The operator places a tire in the measurement station and starts the measuring process by laser scanner.

Step 2: On the user interface of the computer, he triggers the scanning operation and the generation of the model.

Within just a few milliseconds, the program generates the appropriate CAD tire model. The program can be stored in a database. It is then available, for example, for the palletizing software.

The benefits for you at a glance:

  • Automatic generation of the geometrical data of tires
  • Conversion of the laser data into a CAD model in a flash
  • Extremely simple operation
  • Ability to use CAD data through palletizing software (optimal layer patterns, economical palletizing/depalletizing)
  • Use of the data for other purposes is possible.
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