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PALGO Mix palletizing software:
Saving time and resources during mixed palletizing

Even today, packaged goods that have different sizes and weights are almost exclusively loaded manually by logistics employees on carriers. This is time-consuming and physically demanding.

The PALGO palletizing algorithm from AROTEC is the solution. The program we employ for automation palletizes completely random-sized packing units from unknown orders. It generates fill level-optimized load units. And it ensures that they are inherently stable. The special feature: PALGO Mix performs the task online. As a result, optimal integration into your current processes becomes possible.

You benefit from crucial advantages:

The innovative palletizing algorithm provides:
  • Higher throughput
  • Lower space requirement because buffers are no longer necessary
  • Lower personnel costs
  • Time savings because the calculation is carried out directly during palletizing
  • Optimal loading of your pallets
  • Ability to retrofit due to offline functionality and therefore optimal integration into your current processes.
Since PALGO Mix processes packing units in arbitrary sequences, the solution can be integrated into all prevalent logistics systems. Due to continuous development, the intelligent program can be used wherever a robot-based economical solution is needed.

Proven in practice with excellent results

PALGO Mix is used, for example, by "Adolf Würth GmbH" in Künzelsau. There, the system palletizes up to 10.000 packages per day in a 2-shift operation. The average fill level of carriers is 80%. The stability of the stacks is good enough to transport the loaded pallets out of the cells using hand pallet trucks.

We will gladly provide you with additional details about PALGO Mix. Just get in touch with us here.

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