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PALGO Mono palletizing software:
Maximum cost efficiency and reliability during sorted palletizing

If your company must palletize packing units of equivalent sizes and weights, PALGO Mono is the perfect solution.

The unique program, which we use to automate your cells, computes the optimal palletizing patterns offline i.e. before handling the packing units.

Based on these patterns, the necessary arrangement of the packages is defined to allow the robot to place them on the pallet in one operation. The automatic layer generator and subsequent breakdown into robot picking operations form the core of the application.

PALGO Mono allows you to

  • reduce your labor costs
  • palletize more cost-effectively and efficiently
  • load your carriers without errors
  • increase your throughput
  • introduce maximum reliability into your logistics.
Are you interested in additional information about PALGO Mono? We will gladly provide additional information.

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