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Palgo@Tire tire palletizing software:
The only solution worldwide for the automation of tire palletizing

The stacking of tires continues to be performed by humans. This work is physically demanding and may lead to permanent injury. An innovative solution from AROTEC is bringing an end to this problem. For the first time, Palgo@Tire makes it possible to automate tire palletizing operations.

Break-through technology

The patented application automatically generates optimal layer patterns for random tires. First, a laser measures the tire contour. Then, the tire quantity as well as information about the carrier and gripper are entered into a program.

Based on this data, the application generates the optimal palletizing pattern a "rick-rack pattern". It assures you high packaging density and ensures considerably more space volume compared to organized/uniform palletizing. The symmetrical design of the pattern enables the use of a double gripper. As a result, throughput of 600 tires per hour is possible.

PALGO@Tire offers you crucial advantages:
  • Short cycle times and very high throughput
  • 33% space gain on the pallet
  • High stacking accuracy in the warehouse and on the pallet
  • Higher cost efficiency than with manual palletizing.

The gripper adapts to each tire and ensures careful handling

For the special requirements of the tire industry, AROTEC specifically developed a gripper system (single or double gripper). It automatically centers for different types of tires. In addition, the system is able to palletize a wide variety of different tire sizes. The benefits for your:
  • gentle handling (no deformation of the tires) and
  • maximum flexibility.

Absolutely reliable and simple operation

With this innovative automation solution from AROTEC, you also benefit from low maintenance requirements and high availability. Last but not least, Palgo@Tire is very easy to operate.

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