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VMP open planning and processing software:
Time- and cost-saving robot programming on the basis of the CAD models and paths

The "Visual Motion Planner" (VMP) software package enables you to automatically generate robot programs for path-based applications offline. It is ideally suited for processes in which the path of the robot changes from time to time. This applies, for example, to sewing, gluing, or seam welding (e.g. in limited lot production).

This makes VMP a revolutionary solution to a common problem: even today, the robot path still requires manual "teaching" for the applications mentioned above. Whenever changes become necessary, the path must be readjusted, point by point. This requires enormous effort.

A brand-new cutting-edge alternative

VMP takes advantage of the fact that today the path (seam) is typically available in the CAD model. The software therefore imports the path data directly from the CAD program the processing parameters are already provided.

In the VMP, the path is automatically converted into a robot program. To do so, existing programs are available in the background: depending on the application, they can be supplemented with the path data. VMP is a software package which is implemented in C# and, at its core, is based on the functions of the KUKA Sim robot simulation system (reachability verification, collision control).

With these features, the VMP creates unique advantages for you
  • Automatic generation of robot programs on the basis of the CAD models
  • Considerably lower time expenditure for changing paths
  • Cost savings (the staff is no longer required to train the robot)
  • Greater accuracy (path planning using the CAD program instead of manual adjustment)
  • Use of proven functions possible.

Expansions - fast and customized

The architecture of the VMP is based on "Plug-ins". These are small programs which provide additional functions: functions for importing and manipulating data as well as for exporting robot programs. The plug-ins are very easy to add. The operation is carried out with a dedicated, Windows-compatible surface. The benefit for you:
  • When faced with new requirements, you quickly and easily expand the VMP with suitable plug-ins.
  • Ultimately, you have instant access to a broad range of programs for a wide range of applications.

Take advantage of the newest advancements in robotic technology

VMP is presently available in the beta version. The program has already been successfully applied for sewing operations. We will incrementally employ VMP for other applications. Are you interested in becoming a beta user and being among the first to take advantage of the benefits of this forward-thinking technology?
Then get in touch with us now.

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