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VMP an open architecture software - The revolutionary proven technology enables the end user an economical solution for the build to order of storage tanks

The Picture depicts a solution provided by AROTEC to the end user "altmayerBTD GmbH & Co. KG" Task: Marking and Cutting to Storage Tanks with Plasma Technogy.

The exceptional Solution: First of its kind Visual Motion Planner Software (VMP) provides a true economic solution for the realisation of specific contract manufacturing.

A robot inclusive with a Plasma cutter provides first markings and then the cutting of opening into the bottom and tank covers pertaining to the storage tank.

The tailored customer specific platform produces the Path planning for the storage tanks. It is then simulated where it is first reviewed, checked and if required modified. Then data are exported and stored in a database.

The Order data can now be downloaded by the Robot Controller and can be processed in a parametric robot program.

This latest Robotic Technology came from KUKA Robotics and the Plasma cutter from one of the leading Plasma supplier Kielberg Finsterwalde. However, this technology is manufacturer non-specific and it can work with other providers as well.

Practical test passed: Using VMP production time was reduced to 50 %!

And: The VMP can be used for Robotic path planning within the cutting, welding and glueing process!

We will gladly provide additional information about the latest proven state of the art Technoloy running at "altmayerBTD". Just get in touch with us here.

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