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AROTEC automated the tire palletizing operation of "Continental"

Even today, tires are largely still palletized manually. The reason: optimal loading of the pallets is difficult because of the complex configuration of the pallet patterns. With PALGO@Tire, AROTEC developed a software which solves this problem. The program is used, among other things, by Continental in Sarreguemines and Clairoix, France.

In Sarreguemines, 800 different tires are now palletized by 4 robots after the software has determined the optimal loading pattern. In addition, AROTEC integrated a host computer in the system concept. It coordinates 4 palletizing robots and is linked to other logistics systems, such as the material flow controller and stacker control system. The automation solution has significantly increased the cost efficiency of the tire palletizing operation at Continental.

The solution at a glance: Fully automated palletizing system featuring 4 robots on linear axes with several engaged pallets.
No tire presorting is carried out in Sarreguemines. In Clairoix, 3 robots each have 2 pallets engaged. The tires are presorted.
Output: approx. 21,000 tires a day
Pallet types: Conti standard, Daimler, BMW
Pattern types: rick-rack, vertical.
Tire types: Over 800 different types of tires are successfully palletized. No deformations occur and the pallet height is not exceeded
Tire data: weight up to 25 kg (55 lbs), tire sizes from 13 to 22 inches

AROTEC system components:
Material flow planning, "Palgo@Measure" tire measurement, robot program, calculation of the tire pattern with "Palgo@Tire", user interface via AspNet for controlling the system and visualizing the state of the system, material control, work space analysis, layout consulting

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