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AROTEC robotic solution produces a significant increase in cup production at "Optipack"

For "Optipack Sachsen GmbH", a subsidiary of Müller Milch, AROTEC automated the cup production operation. Robots remove the cups from the deep-drawing machines, package the unfinished cups into cartons, unpack them before printing and then package them after this operation.

The overall solution consists of 13 robotic cells featuring 16 robots. In addition to the cells, AROTEC also designed the patented gripper systems and the necessary sensors. The automation specialists furthermore developed the entire conveying system for interlinking the system. And it handled the logistics for production planning and optimal machine utilization. In order to validate the concept, the entire material flow of the plant was simulated before commissioning the system. The AROTEC solution has meanwhile produced an impressive output for several years. "Optipack" produces up to 5,400 cups a minute on three deep-drawing machines.

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