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AROTEC automation solution expedites final packaging operation at "Adolf Würth"

As in many companies, the assembly specialist Würth must combine smaller shipping units in the form of mixed pallets using a wide variety of cartons. AROTEC automated this process for Würth using PALGO. This software ensures optimal loading of the pallets - and ensures maximum space utilization.

AROTEC furthermore implemented a system host computer which coordinates several robotic cells. This system, which has been proven with excellent results for many years, allowed Würth to significantly increase its output: In a 2-shift operation, up to 4,500 packages are palletized per cell a day.

The solution at a glance:

Fully automated palletizing system featuring 4 robotic cells
Output: approx. 360 packages / hour and cell
Package dimensions: between 280 x 180 x 115 mm (11 x 7 x 4.5 inches) and 730 x 370 x 300 mm (28 x 14.5 x 4.5 inches)
Package weight: 100 g to 30 kg (3.5 oz to 66 lbs)
Palletizing height: 1.8 m (71 inches)

AROTEC system components:

  • Robot host computer (RHC): controlling the system and communicating with the periphery (robot, conveying technology, MFC, UST)
  • Visualization controller: displaying and controlling the state of the system (HTML-based)
  • PALGO palletizing algorithm for calculating optimized pallet loading.

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