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The 3D solution for object recognition enables the precise identification of parts and precise path planning - and prevents collisions

Our "bin-picking" solution can be employed in a wide variety of ways for optimizing staging and feeding components.

The key component of the system is the AROTEC ART-3D object recognition software. On the basis of the sensor data, it determines:

  • the exact positions and orientations of objects as well as
  • the optimal robot path for removal of the workpiece.
The basis for this is formed by the gripper geometry and the carrier.

All object recognition algorithms of ART-3D employ the 3D sensor data. The advantage compared to 2D algorithms:
  • The object to be removed, foreign objects, and overlaps can be determined with greater precision.
The reason: as a result of the additional - third - dimension, considerably more information is taken into consideration. No information is lost.

The software prevents collisions

The integrated path planning module factors in the grippers, bins, or other obstructive contours. This assures you that the robot does not collide with the surroundings during removal of the parts.

An added plus: the object recognition software can run on computers using the Microsoft Windows Operating System.

Standardized interfaces enable communication with active image sensors (e.g. travel time measurement or laser stripe sensors), with the cell PLC, and with the higher-level host/control console.

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